About diigo.com

Diigo or Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff is a social bookmarking site that allows its users to bookmark and tag websites. Users are also able to highlight information and put sticky notes directly on the webpage as you are reading it. Your notes can be public which allows other users to view and comment on your notes and add their own or it can be private. Sites can be saved and stored for later reading and commenting. Users can also join groups with similar interests and follow specific people and sites.

Teachers can register for an educator account that allows a teacher to create accounts for an entire class. In an education account, students are automatically set up as a Diigo group which allows for easy sharing of documents, pictures, videos, and articles with only your class group. There are also pre-set privacy settings so only the teacher and classmates can see the bookmarks and communications. This is a great way to ensure that your students and their comments are kept private from the rest of the Internet community. Diigo is a great tool for teachers to use to have students interact with material and to share that interaction with classmates.

Best Practices for using Diigo tools

Tagging Tool
  • Teachers or students can tag a website that they want to bookmark for future reference.
  • Teachers can research websites or articles that they want their students to view on a certain topic and tag them for the students.
This tool is nice when researching a certain topic. The teacher can tag the websites that the students should use eliminating the extra time of searching for the sites that would be useful and appropriate for the project.

Highlighting Tool
  • Diigo highlighting tool allows the teacher or student to highlight in an article or a web page.
  • The key concepts or vocabulary words could be highlighted to check for understanding.
  • Some students have problems determining what should be highlighted in an article or passage. Teachers could use this tool to demonstrate how to correctly highlight and find the key points.

Sticky Notes Tool
  • The sticky note tool is a great addition to the tools of diigo. Students may add sticky notes to a passage as they are reading it. The sticky notes could be used to make notes or ask questions by the students.
  • Teachers could postition the sticky notes in the passage for students to respond to various ideas as they are reading.
  • Students could use sticky notes to peer edit and make comments on other student's work through Google docs.
These are just a few ideas of how to apply the diigo tools to your teaching practices. Both students and teachers benefit form using these tools. The variety of uses or practices give both groups a hands on way of dealing with text while making it more efficient.

Bookmark/Snapshot Tool
  • The Bookmark tool allows you to archive and tag sites in many ways. The bookmarks are saved and can be obtained from other computers, ipad, or other devices.
Capture Tools
  • This tool allows you to take a screenshot with shapes arrows or text. You can then save the screenshot in the diigo library to access later.

Tutorials and Introductory Videos

Below you will find a few embedded introductory/tutorial videos.





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