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WEB TOOL IDEAS (Place your name next to your vote)

As far as I see it, these are the tasks still to go on our checklist -
  1. Picking our tool
  2. Determining/Assigning Jobs
    • Lesson plans (Danielle)(I was thinking the project would be most extensive if we all were to design a lesson)(Ok that sounds good. How about I work on putting together some basic info on diigo that way people will know more about it) (Is your vision/idea that we present a mini lesson in our respective subject areas? If so, I have a tought. I could present the difference between regular verbs and reflexive verbs in Spanish.) (I will make a lesson plan for geometry)
    • Tutorials (If I understand this portion of the assignment, we don't necessarily have to create the tutorials. Rather, we look for and provide tutorials already in existence. Right?)(I just checked Dr. Howland's project info and it does say "links to" tutorials, so I'd say you're right. When I wrote this and the job assignment page I was forgetting that, so tutorials and finding blogs with examples seems like a similar job.) (In that case, I signed up for both of these tasks)
    • A new home highlighting an overview of the product once the work is completed so this one does not show (so basically this one) (Sorry for the confusion, but do you mean this wiki as the "new home"?)(I meant instead of this page being the landing page for "," that the page Danielle is created would serve that. I think we could keep this page in a "this is what we did together" section of the wiki) (So, we are "turning in" the About page. Right? Sounds good.)
    • Creating basic student examples of projects
  3. Creating Pages for each 
  4. Editing and Revision
  5. Completion