I thought that here on this page we could gather all of our lesson plan ideas. I think a variety of subject matters would be great if we can do it. I'm not sure about how specific we need to be, but to provide ideas for everyone. Also should we do a separate page for student examples or combine them with lesson plans?

This is looking great! What is left to do? Do we need anything else?

-Not as far as I'm concerned. I shared this on twitter last night under #edtech and someone retweeted it they thought it was so good!
- Great! Has it already been turned in or I can do it before I go to work at 4:30
- My understanding was that "turning it in" was our post on the discussion board. BTW, another group did Diigo...

I am thinking that for my sample lesson plan, I would incorporate diigo into a lesson for Spanish students to learn the difference between the verbs "ser" and "estar." In English, these two verbs mean "to be," but in Spanish, using "ser" or "estar" depends on the context of what the speaker wants to say. For example, in English we use the verb "to be" in these two sentences: "I am tired" and "I am tall". But in Spansh, you would use the verb "estar" for the first example, and the verb "ser" for the second. Even though in English you would only need to use the conjugated version of the verb "to be," Spanish has two different versions of this verb.

The idea would be to use diigo to find and show both grammar-explanation resources, as well as authentic language texts that explain and demonstrate the difference between these two verbs. These resources could be supplemented with sites that provide practice for these two verbs. Any thoughts? (Carlos)

Sounds cool, Carlos. Examples and student examples will be together so their context is understood. What subjects do we have? I know Danielle is history and Carlos is foreign language. I am math and could swing science if we want that covered.

Grammar Explanation: http://diigo.com/0dn14
Authentic Resource: http://diigo.com/0dndf <-------Loved your use of the highlighter on this page!
Verb Practice: http://diigo.com/0dndj

Math Sample Lesson (Functions) Could ya'll give me some feedback on this? I feel like I could be using diigo particular tools better.
Social Studies Lesson I have done some updating on my lesson. Please take a new look at it and see if anything is missing.
You mentioned the future bell-work; is it expected, then, that you need several machines in the room or laptops? I'm interested to see your student examples

I am math (geometry) also, but can do technology skills or research skills since math is already covered.
What if you were to do a geometry lesson? Surely we can't be faulted for what subjects we teach.
I say do the geometry lesson. Do we have anyone that is an English or Language Arts person? If not I can come up with something.
I am looking at geometry sites that I can use. I have been looking at Discovery Education recently, so I can probably unite the two into one lesson and use Diigo instead of the DE tools. I will get it posted by tonight or tomorrow early.
Is there a way to see these DE pages without an account? Do your students already have accounts? I'm thinking you would need to address that somewhere in your lesson plan.