Using Proof in Real Life?


  1. Students will be able to identify different categories of proof: algebraic, geometric, number theory, and empirical.
  2. Students will make the connection between creating proofs in class and using deductive reasoning out in the real world.
  3. Students will be able to define and use key terms related to deductive reasoning and proofs.


I am always getting the question "When am I ever going to use proofs later in life?" Students have a hard time relating the process of creating proofs to anything they may experience in their everyday life outside of school. I found some videos explaining what is involved in the process of using deductive reasoning and creating proofs. They also provide some everyday examples of people using both deductive reasoning and proofs.


  1. Computer, either one per student or one per pair of students
  2. Access to the internet and the links to the videos
  3. Access to GoogleDocs or PowerPoint to create a presentation


  1. Divide class into groups of 2 - 4 students.
  2. Each group of students is given a set of four videos to view, take notes, and summarize for the class.
  3. Each person in the group starts with a different video. Each is responsible for creating sticky notes stating key terms and summarizing key points used within the video. They will need to watch at least one other video from their set in order to determine if all the key terms and points have been listed. If needed, they can correct any mistakes made or things missed by adding their own sticky note.
  4. When all videos have been watched and summarized properly, the group will need to access GoogleDocs Presentation and collaborate on a slide show summarizing the key terms and points. If you do not have access to GoogleDocs, then PowerPoint or some other presentation software may be used.
  5. In addition to summarizing key terms and points in the videos, they need to explain how these videos showed deductive reasoning and proof being used in everyday life.


Set One

Set Two