Team Project: Collaborative Work and Learning (TEAM PROJECT – POST ON
DISCUSSION BOARD - Team Project: Collaborative Work and Learning)

NOTE: The planning component for this project requires that you begin well in
advance of the due date.

Each team is responsible for creating an online space – (e.g., Google Site, Ning,
wiki). Your team's task is to use this space to work collaboratively in creating a body
of knowledge about a social networking or other web-based tool. Your site should
clearly educate and provide resources for users. You may want to develop something
that other teachers could use, such as examples and ideas or lesson plans for ways
the social networking or other web-based tool could be used for collaborative
projects or other learning activities. You might include links to tutorials or related
resources for using technologies.

PART 1: Preparing for Team Project
Allow plenty of time! Begin communicating early. Decide who will set up the initial
collaborative space, the purpose and general content of your work, individual
responsibilities, etc. This project should give you a good understanding of the tool
you select, so each person on the team must become familiar with it and contribute
You may use the group tools on your Blackboard group pages for project planning
and development or communicate through Skype, Google tools, or web conferencing
such as Vyew (
You are not required to draw up a team contract, but are strongly encouraged to do

PART 2: Project Development
PART 3: Project Reporting

When you’ve completed your work, each team member should use this forum to
report on his/her own experience. On the “Learning Unit 3: Team Project:
Collaborative Work and Learning” post the following:
In “Subject” line:
• Team number and your name
In Message Body:
• Url of your project
• Other team members’ names
• The purpose of your collaborative work
• The extent of your role in creating and revising the collaborative work
• Description of your collaborative process.
o How did you communicate with other team members? What
technologies and strategies did you use to support successful
o What are your perceptions of the tool your team chose for
collaborative work (e.g., wiki, Google site, etc.)? What is its
potential as a tool to support learning?
o As an individual team member, how easy was the environment you
chose to use? How effective was it in meeting your team goals?
• At least one other specific idea for using the collaborative space you chose
with students